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Awards given by the Society


Lessing Medal

The Society's supreme award is the Lessing Medal. It is presented for outstanding contribution to Minerals Engineering. The Lessing has been presented on 7 occasions to the following:

1971, A Grounds Encouraged engineers to recognise Coal Preparation as a separate discipline.
1976, A A Hirst Directed research into many coal preparation activities.
1978, K F Tromp Developed the only internationally accepted method of expressing performance efficiency.
1986, W Wallace Responsible for many features of the modern Baum Jig.
1995, J Abbott Original work on the development of computer programmes for evaluating and predicting performance of coal preparation process equipment.
2003, J Hillman Researching, writing and publishing the book
'A History of British Coal Preparation'.
2008, D E Jenkinson For 50 years service to Coal Preparation and the Minerals Engineering Society.

Honorary Fellows

Honorary Fellows are persons who in the opinion of the MES Council have contributed to the science and practice of Minerals Engineering or the welfare of the Society.

1960 H E Collins 1982 G D Gilbert
1962 A Grounds 1983 J L Lewis
1962 E Myers 1984 G H Arrowsmith
1964 KF Tromp 1992 D E Jenkinson
1965 G S Haslam 1995 J Hillman
1974 A A Hirst 1998 P Vanags
1974 W M Wallace 2002 A W Howells
1976 H W Rogerson 2008 B Everitt
1977 H Macpherson 2013 D Baillie
1981 W E Raybould 2016 C Scargill
1982 G F S Adamson 2016 I Flanagan

McQuillan Award

The McQuillan award is given to persons who in the opinion of Council have supported and made significant contributions to the well being of the Society, including persons who may not have held official positions within the Society.

1993 Jack Colville 2006 Colin Scargill
1994 Geo. Arrowsmith 2007 Billy Ogg
1995 John Flannery 2008 Vic Branfoot
1996 Brian Harris 2009 David Winney
1997 - - 2010 Ian Flanagan
1998 John Miles 2011 Alan Lilliott
1999 John Jackson 2012 Neil Jenkinson
2000 Arthur Siddall 2013 Peter Cooper
2001 John Petrie 2014 Arthur Morgan
2002 Reg Wilcox 2015 John Sowter
2003 George Govan 2016 Greg Kelley
2004 Peter Riley 2017 Mike Gurr
2004 Colin Shields    

Other Awards

The MES recognises the achievements, both educational and professional, of persons involved in Minerals Engineering. It makes a number of annual awards:

Student prizes are given in rotation to selected establishments offering degrees in Minerals Engineering.

Travel Award

An award to the value of £350 to assist travel for studies related to Minerals Engineering is available on open application. Those wishing to apply for the award must submit a written statement (not greater than 500 words) supporting their request, explaining their involvement in the industry and the purpose of the proposed visit.

For Academia Staff who would like to bring this award to the attention of their students please download the 2018 MES Flyer, which provides details of the award.

This submission should be sent to the MES National Secretary before 31st March each year. Emailed applications are also acceptable to The successful applicant will be expected to produce a report following the visit/event for the Society's consideration and possible publication in our newsletter.