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MES Regional Groups


The Society has recently changed the geographical organisation into 3 new Groups: - Northern Group, formed from Scottish Section, Northern Section and North Midlands Section; and Southern Group, formed from South Midlands Section, South West of England Section, South Wales Section and South Eastern Section, and the Overseas Group. Contact can still be made to the Secretaries listed below.

Northern Group

Chairman:- Peter Skinner
Vice Chairman:- Andrew Howells
Secretary/Treasurer:C Scargill

Elected Councillors - Vic Branfoot, Peter Skinner, John Hillman

Southern Group

Chairman: - Neil Jenkinson
Secretary:- Mr David Baillie
Honorary treasurer:- 

Elected Councillors - Mike Gurr, Des Redmond, Brian Everrit, Neil Jenkinson, Arthur Morgan

Overseas Group

 Honorary secretary:- 

If you need to contact any of the above MES members please contact the Secretary through the Contacts Page