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Officers of the Society


President Peter Skinner

President in 2018.

Elected Vice Presient in 2016


Vice President  



Honorary Secretary Eur Ing Andrew W Howells HFMES, MIME, BTech
Andrew Howells

Chairman of South Wales Section 1985/87 & Secretary/Treasurer 1980/83
National President 1991/92 & 2007/08
Honorary Secretary 1992 to date
Honorary Treasurer 2006 to date
Elected Honorary Fellow in 2002

Policy & Finance Committee Chairman; Brian Everitt Hon FMES

A past President of the MES, Brian has been involved in coal mining and mineral processing since 1964 and has been an independent consultant in the industry since 2001 working in many countries around the world.

A member of the MES since 1974, he has held the Chairmanship of the Society's Policy and Finance Committee since 2001, with the Committee providing guidance on the Society's future direction and stewardship of its assets  

Symposia & Exhibitions Committee Chairman; Greg Kelley FMES
Greg Kelley

Joined the society in 1983 as a  Member becoming a Fellow in 2013.
Chairman of N. Group for two terms 2008/09 and 2009/10.
Vic President in 2009/10 becoming National President for two years 2010/12.
Greg retired as Managing Director of Norec Ltd in 2012. He has been Chairman of S&E committee since 2012.

Overseas Representative